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Tuesday 2 November 2021

What COP26 Leaders can Learn from Synchronised Swimmers
As world leaders come together for COP26 to shape the world’s future, they need to find a way to move forward as one. A group of amateur swimmers in Cornwall believe those at COP26 could learn some useful lessons from the world of synchro…

Why synchro? Well, synchronised swimmers show creativity, perseverance and intense focus; demonstrate a willingness to try new things in pursuit of a successful outcome; put group needs above the individual; commit passionately to a shared objective, and use all of their resources to deliver.

With time fast running out for the planet, COP26 is a chance for our leaders to do the same.

With Russia and China, (the gold and silver ‘artistic swimming team’ medallists of the Tokyo Olympics), failing to join the talks in Glasgow, the Out of Sink swimming team are stepping into the breach. They’re a group of women in their 40s to 60s from Penzance who have had just 6 weeks to learn how to become amateur synchronised swimmers.

They’ve been practicing in all weathers, and are putting on their first ever performance during COP26. As swimmer Mary Woodvine says “COP26 is a chance for the world’s leaders to align their ambitions and find a way to swim in sync.

We hope they take the risk and try this – as we have – for all our futures.”

This project is one of 12 Shout LOUDER projects.

Part of the G7 Kernow Cultural Legacy Programme.

More info: feast cornwall


A response to the Covid Pandemic 2020

As time progressed I became deeply  angry and frustrated with the lack of initiative being shown by larger building based institutions who had been given funds from the Government that showed no or little interest in the freelance workforce that maintains them during pandemic free times. Especiallyas it was perfectly possible to make work within the guidelines in Cornwall.

Like many other practitioners in the Industry I immediately lost 3 jobs. I remember the moment the news came through that we were to be locked down. I was working as a Performance Director for Incandescence circus as they were preparing to leave the country for an international tour. It was devastating.

During a Zoom Coffee morning initiated by Feast Cornwall and Hall For Cornwall , I joined forces with dance practitioners Suzie West and Rob Mennear who could also see a positive way forward. Working in collaboration and with the support of Zoe Curnow at The Minack Theatre and Wheal Martyn Museum we were able to produce 4 events in a Covid friendly way. Using our experience of outdoor theatre and adapting the idea of the Variety show model we enabled freelance artists to work by producing short pieces in a variety of genres that were incorporated into the different shows.

We created:

Dark Stories

Our proud Roots at Wheal Martyn

Dancing in your streets  stage 2 ( a development of a street show performed by Suzie and Rob during Lockdown)