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Percy Pengelly

Percy Pengelly and The Wibble Wobble

By author Jenny Steele Scolding

Cousin Jacks Theatre were preparing to launch their new show ‘Percy Pengelly and The Wibble Wobble’ based on Jenny’s children’s book just as Covid hit. We were just about to start to start rehearsals having already done several days research and development.

I was to play a whole variety of characters. Instead we timed ourselves reading the book in character at home. Scraping together bits of costume and trying to find a space , somewhere quiet that wasn’t cluttered with general household detritus

Cousin Jack’s then edited the footage and created some magic using animation and the show was one of the very early online productions available for families to enjoy during Lock Down.

The Mousehole Cat

In 2015 I formed a new working relationship with Guy Watson, Director of Cousin Jack’s Theatre Company. I was initially employed to help devise and perform the indoor adaptation of the beautifully Illustrated Children’s book The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber in 2016 and 2017.

The story is based on a Cornish legend of Tom Bawcock that is celebrated in Mousehole on the 23rd of Dec.

Our working relationship has blossomed and as a result I have conceived and implemented the accompanying schools workshop program for this project.

I have also been part of the Research and Development team for the forthcoming Mermaid of Zennor
and look forward to performing in his forthcoming production of Percy Pengelly and the Wibble Wobble.

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