Bec Applebee

The Red Shoes

‘Four story tellers enter in grubby vest and pants with suitcases,
They wash their feet, put on their shoes and wait.
A beautiful woman enters.
Khachaturian’s waltz plays.
The memories flood back-of hopes and dreams, lives and loves all gone.
They all dance.’

This was a breakthrough production for Kneehigh. DIrected by Emma Rice, designed by Bill Mitchell and devised by the company

The Red Shoes was chosen by The British Council to tour Internationally visiting China, Syria, Lebanon, Monaco, Europe and Great Britain.

The production was a dark, physical retelling of the Folk Tale told by a chorus of unwashed souls who had seen things they should never have seen. With references to the first world war and a mixture of Cornish Scoot dancing and Lindy hop it played a pivotal role in bringing the company to the worlds attention.