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Month: February 2022

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Hwerow Hweg – Bitter Sweet 2002 Character – Becky Roberts The wrong BeckyThis is an early Kernewek language feature film with English subtitles (Bec appears in this film between 1.00.09 – 1.02.00) A West Coast Production set in Cornwall with old footage of Truro and Penzance primarily. This is a romantic tale between two people …

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The Bogus

By Nick Darke During my time with Kneehigh I had the privilege of working with Nick Darke one of Cornwalls greatest playwrights. He became a close friend and is sorely missed. The Bogus was one of Nick’s first shows with Kneehigh theatre and this was one of the plays first incarnations, it was later rewritten …

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Peer Gynt

This was my first touring production with Kneehigh. The show was based on Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt. It was devised by the company and directed by Bill Mitchell, Mike Shepard and Will Colman. We used a combination of mask work, physical theatre, story telling with music by Jim Carey. This was an outdoor show that …

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Ghost Nets

A landscape theatre drama and spectacle at the mouth of the Red River, Godrevy. Fifteen performances were played to audiences of 200, who walked around the site, led by the action. Passengers on Cloudnine airways travelled first class, packaged and pampered by their glamorous hostesses, and arrived at a sun and fun-filled destination, only to …

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Scary Little Girls

Scary little Girls is an inclusive, imaginative, feminist production company powerhouse, that are committed to messages of hope and truth. They are many faceted and produce a whole range of shows and events I have been lucky to work with them on two theatre productions

Percy Pengelly

Percy Pengelly and The Wibble Wobble By author Jenny Steele Scolding Cousin Jacks Theatre were preparing to launch their new show ‘Percy Pengelly and The Wibble Wobble’ based on Jenny’s children’s book just as Covid hit. We were just about to start to start rehearsals having already done several days research and development. I was …

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The Red Shoes

‘Four story tellers enter in grubby vest and pants with suitcases,They wash their feet, put on their shoes and wait.A beautiful woman enters.Khachaturian’s waltz plays.The memories flood back-of hopes and dreams, lives and loves all gone.They all dance.’ This was a breakthrough production for Kneehigh. DIrected by Emma Rice, designed by Bill Mitchell and devised …

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Golden Tree Intro

Artistic Director Will Coleman and I have a strong creative working relationship. Having been original members of Bedlam Theatre in the early 1980’s , we can also both have a passion for Cornwall and it’s intangible culture. In recent years I have worked for Will’s company on three different projects as an actor, workshop leader, …

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