Bec Applebee

The Old Man With Enormous Wings

Three Island project (The birth of the company)

Based on the short story by Gabrielle Garcia Marquez that deals with issues of a small community affected by change.
The project took place in three locations. Malta , Cyprus and Hayle in Cornwall. The show was adapted to each location. Working with Artists , Actors, Musicians and Singers from all three countries. It was a truly international project.

Each place that we worked had it’s own challenges. In 2004 the project went to Cyprus and the company were given permission to work in a derelict taverna on the Green line, a buffer between the Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities. Amazingly the company were able to bring Artists from both sides of the boarder to this neutral zone. Creatives that had not been allowed to meet before. It was an emotional and powerful experience of human connection.

We used a newly invented language, music from all three countries and combined traditional dances of the sea bringing and taking away. Communities across the world are unique but often share variations of the same story. This is how we approached the project, exploring a ready-made world its own story, geography, trades, political issues and people but we realised they were not so very different. Most poignantly we found this in Cyprus (2004) when we brought Turkish and Greek Cypriots together to collaborate as audience, participant and performer.