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Hwerow Hweg – Bitter Sweet 2002

Character – Becky Roberts The wrong Becky
This is an early Kernewek language feature film with English subtitles

(Bec appears in this film between 1.00.09 – 1.02.00)

A West Coast Production set in Cornwall with old footage of Truro and Penzance primarily.
This is a romantic tale between two people which doesn’t run smoothly.
In Cornish with English subtitles.

BBC Drama Down to Earth 2001

TV series
Episode – The Final Straw. Series 2

Character – Mrs Moore

Percy Pengelly

Percy Pengelly and The Wibble Wobble

By author Jenny Steele Scolding

Cousin Jacks Theatre were preparing to launch their new show ‘Percy Pengelly and The Wibble Wobble’ based on Jenny’s children’s book just as Covid hit. We were just about to start to start rehearsals having already done several days research and development.

I was to play a whole variety of characters. Instead we timed ourselves reading the book in character at home. Scraping together bits of costume and trying to find a space , somewhere quiet that wasn’t cluttered with general household detritus

Cousin Jack’s then edited the footage and created some magic using animation and the show was one of the very early online productions available for families to enjoy during Lock Down.

The Red Shoes

‘Four story tellers enter in grubby vest and pants with suitcases,
They wash their feet, put on their shoes and wait.
A beautiful woman enters.
Khachaturian’s waltz plays.
The memories flood back-of hopes and dreams, lives and loves all gone.
They all dance.’

This was a breakthrough production for Kneehigh. DIrected by Emma Rice, designed by Bill Mitchell and devised by the company

The Red Shoes was chosen by The British Council to tour Internationally visiting China, Syria, Lebanon, Monaco, Europe and Great Britain.

The production was a dark, physical retelling of the Folk Tale told by a chorus of unwashed souls who had seen things they should never have seen. With references to the first world war and a mixture of Cornish Scoot dancing and Lindy hop it played a pivotal role in bringing the company to the worlds attention.

The Wooden Frock

The Guardian review

Fri 6 Feb 2004

If theatre were a box of chocolates, then this co-production between Kneehigh Theatre and BAC would be the champagne truffle in a dark chocolate robe. It is light, scrumptious and has the right tang of bitterness as it slips down. You want to go back for another bite. And I don’t find myself saying that often after two-and-a-half hours in the theatre.

Essentially, it is a variation on the traditional Cinderella story. Instead of a slipper, there is a ring – a far more potent sexual symbol. Except in this case, Mary discovers that if the ring fits you shouldn’t wear it, because her suitor is her own father, who promised his beloved dead wife that he would marry whomever her old wedding ring fitted. There is a wonderful scene when Mary, a little girl dressing up in her mother’s clothes, discovers with increasing horror that she can remove neither coat nor ring. She has, in effect, become her mother.

Emma Rice, responsible for Kneehigh’s The Red Shoes, is the director, and the show has the same simplicity and artfulness. It walks the high wire between tragedy and pantomime. It melds folk and jazz, the blues and country and western. It knows that love is a song, that grief warps us and that innocence is no substitute for experience.

The actors have some of the compulsive, slightly eccentric air in both looks and presence that is so often found in Complicite shows. They convey the impression that they are making up the play as they go along – and the emphasis is very much on play.
The second half needs a little mending, particularly the opening scene, which gives audience and actors the challenge of a new situation and new characters. The geese make up for it. “Live for the moment,” advises one of the characters. This is always in the moment, and the audience is too.

Lyn Gardner



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